Friday, March 28, 2014

Show #62: The Genius Button

Show #62: The Genius Button

We find out that Ty can fix HP laptops at will.  Microsoft announces Office subscription for iPad offering a chance to reopen the rent vs. purchase debate. Jeff finds the Pages newest update to be unsound.

They also talk over the upsides of a bring your own Google version of teaching.


All this and Android wear, plus the HTC new phone still seems to have bright light issues on a knock-down, drag-around, and spit in the gully new episode.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

The EdTech Review #61: Fore!

Show #61: Fore!

Today opens with the unveiling of Phillips's new MacBook Pro with a 13" Retina display.  They attempt to redefine screen real estate and show how it's bigger than a much bigger Mac.  They then shop for a Surface Pro 2-the Laptop pad everything machine.  They update to the new IOS 7.1 and agree it's good but has no killer selling point.  The talk then moves to headphone do's and don'ts.  Finally Jeff explores cloud storage plans with Flickr and Google Drive as supplemental solutions.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

EdTech Review #60: War Pigs

EdTech Review #60: War Pigs 

This cast begins with an upsetting announcement. Regular episodes will not be happening, but they expect to increase quality. This sounds like the equivalent of a restaurant trying to cut its losses by staying closed on Saturday. They tell of Tech crunch publishing an article showing an iPad with a Nexus background. They swerve headlong into iTunes accounts and examine the new Galaxy X5 bandaid. The big finish is with filters including Snapseed and Gridditor. 


Yeah, a big quality bump. 

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