Friday, May 24, 2013

The EdTech Review #35: The Gimp Seems a Pleasant Sort

Show 35: The Gimp Seems a Pleasant Sort

It's quiet.  Too quiet.  I had a strange encounter with Tristen Lumly in the hallway just before going to cubicle central to regale myself in the latest offering of the boys from Phelan.   Lumly has been working nights for sometime, so it was unsettling to see him here.  He tells me that the men upstairs (a euphemism  since we are all on the same floor)  have been less than truthful about the buyout.  He says they have known where Tagpro is going to end up since November, but are trying to keep us on edge.  Lumly doesn't know exactly where our offices are going, but he claims that it is all going to happen in the next three weeks.  I knew I should have come in earlier.

For the show, Jeff and Ty talk over Flickr. The update in their view is attractive and the free terabyte storage is terribly compelling.  Ty apologizes to anyone who subscribed to his feed five years ago and wants you all to know that yes, he did leave Hawaii and his daughter's first day of kindergarten went swimmingly.   

They move to an in depth talk of Adobe's new subscription-only model. They find cons and pros and pros and cons before settling on cheaper 4th party solutions.

The discussion peters out when they talk of software-only grants.  They make you feel like the government is just messing with them.

I know how they feel.

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