Friday, April 12, 2013

The EdTech Review #30

The EdTech Review

Season 2 Episode 8
Show 30: You Just Can't LookAway
In this lunch episode, over a dish of what sounds horribly unappetizing Pad Thai, the gents mull over a disparate collection of topics.  Ty introduces the LookAway app for IOS that brings visions of A Clockwork Orange for education.  In the Mailbag Corner, they read a note from one lucky fan who had some cogent points about last show's dictation topic.  It's all about getting thoughts into print for these two, though.  
They then drift to talk of new iPhone prognostications and conclude with their hopes of a new iPadMini Retina.  
Ground shook=0%
Insights unearthed=1%
Time spent=100%

and that is both the direction and velocity on which they roll.