Saturday, April 27, 2013

The EdTech Review #32

The EdTech Review

Season 2 Episode 10
Show 32:  I am the Face.  She has to know Me.

Here is the premise.  Take two people who deal ostensibly with all technology, but who clearly have a serious Apple bent.  Have them host a weekly podcast.  Have that podcast be 85% about new Apple products.  Have Apple not make any announcements, or even statements about possible announcements for the past seven months.  Simmer.  Watch them frantically vamp.

The product is so sweet, I half believe Apple itself is deliberately holding off information in order to see Ty and Jeff stretch creatively.  This is one of the podcasts that would crumble like gossamer if dissected, so I will not be the instrument of holding back art.  I say pick up your headphones; get on the mass transit vehicle of your choice; crank it up so high you can actually understand what Ty is saying; and feel superior to those around you listening to NPR.